Susanne Schwemmlein

Natural medicine

I work with a variety of natural healing methods to supplement homeopathic treatment. Natural healing methods support the self-healing powers of the organism efficiently without disrupting the homeopathic healing process. In the world we live in today, our bodies are exposed to many damaging influences that any effective therapy must take into account.

Herbal medicine, botanical juices, tea blends and herbal tinctures

In our day and age, the organism is exposed to a variety of environmental factors, which have a significantly greater impact on our inner healing power than before. The quality of neither our food nor the elemental forces of nature, such as air and water, is sufficient to support our health. Carefully cultivated and processed phytotherapeutics, i. e. medicinal products of plant origin, can provide valuable support.


Orthomolecular Medicine

As needed, I use vitamins and minerals as well as other micronutrient preparations in the therapy.


Upon request or at my discretion, I carry out self-blood treatments. In children, I use autologous blood drops for this purpose.

Additional therapies

  • Colon therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Neural therapy
  • Mistletoe therapy