Susanne Schwemmlein

Diagnosis & Therapy

Therapeutic dialogue, in the broadest sense, life counseling, lies at the heart of my practice. It is something I highly value and to which I devote a great deal of time in my work. So, too, I value thorough clinical diagnostics and, as necessary, laboratory tests.

My most important therapies include:

Nutritional medicine

“We live on half of what we eat, the doctors live on the other half." (Egypt, 2000 BC)
Knowledge of the correct individual nutrition, tailored to your particular digestive type, is a therapeutic cornerstone for treating all health disorders.

Modern F.X. MAYR Medicine

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Aloe Vera Prevention & Orthomolecular Medicine

From the vantage point of prevention and environmental medicine, it is sometimes important to support therapy with dietary supplements or other measures. Supplements can support or effect regulation by optimizing nutrition at the cellular level.


Special tests and laboratory analyses

  • Vegacheck for the detection of regulatory disorders in specific areas of the body
  • Analysis of intestinal health
  • Food intolerances, fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance
  • Allergic tendencies, whole blood mineral analysis and vitamin profile
  • Neurostress profile and hormone status
  • Analysis of individual risk factors in the context of preventive medicine
  • Testing for optimal mistletoe preparation for oncological diseases

Classical Homeopathy

I carry out anamnesis and prescribe constitutional remedies according to the rules of classical homeopathy. Acute treatment is also carried out according to these rules, with symptom analysis and prescription according to the principle of “like cures like.”

Natural Medicine

I work with a variety of natural healing methods to supplement homeopathic treatment. Natural healing methods support the self-healing powers of the organism efficiently without disrupting the homeopathic healing process. In the world we live in today, our bodies are exposed to many damaging influences that any effective therapy must take into account.

Collegial Network

In the treatment of complex pathologies, I involve therapists with other areas of specialization. I have built an extensive network of colleagues, as well as numerous institutions and groups, whose informational materials and contacts I provide for my patients in the practice.